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rating Theharsherik
I found this on some random software there was free section of web browsers and there was paid.. I thought.. I never heard of a paid browser since what opera back in the 90s? (and opera 8.65 and netfront 3.3 on pocket pc back in '07.. these were also the last paid versions of both of these two on the platform)

i clicked on the paid section and I though wow a "32bit web browser" complete with a 16 color 32x32 and so I downloaded this absolute gem... It's looks outdated because it is.. it's a blast from the past.. it's in it's name alone.. the last time someone would brag with his program being 32bit was in late 90s when win95 just came out and in the world full of 16bit programs, 32bit was big next thing..

All what this is.. it's ie7 which is what it uses to render websites. This thing is super funny.. so bad it's funny kinda.

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